Murcian Rock – 2014

This skull’s structure is cast from a real human head and made of hard, unbreakable plastic. It has been “gilt” (the techniques for applying fine Gold leaf) with multiple layers of EPL genuine 24 Karats gold leaf on the base stand and teeth. The Skull was then coated with Automotive Paint (Black Primer), then all the Studs applied one by one by hand.The skull was completely disarticulated into 22 pieces for the gilding and Coating process and reassembled on a stand with movable joints that allows for the bones to be studied as a whole, or as individual parts. The methodology by which the skull was assembled was used by French Anatomist, Claude Beauchene, in the mid-1800s. It took over 1000 hours of meticulous work to assemble this skull.

The sculpture is presented on a circular, two inch thick, Black Galaxy marble base with a diameter of 14 inches. The brass stand is made of four movable parts.

Dimensions : 27.5 x 14 inches