Antonio “Nino” Del Prete

  • History

    ADP played the trumpet and was growing tired of it when he discovered the Aboriginal Australian instrument, the didgeridoo.  This discovery lead ADP to explore the Aboriginal culture and their art.  His early works relied heavily on the dot technique he had learned from his Aboriginal brothers, then gradually he took it a step further by combining it with the stenciling technique he had picked up in his street art days.

    Fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, ADP has had success with private and group shows in the USA and Europe. Two of his pieces (“BacDonald” and “Holywood”) were recently selected for the book, “Constructing Critical Consciousness: Narratives that Unmask Hegemony and Ideas for Creating Great Equity in Education,” which demonstrates the breadth of ADP’s fan base; from Movie Stars to Academics.

  • Family

    Antonio “Nino” Del Prete (ADP) is an Italian artist, actor and producer.  ADP was born in the shadows of Vesuvius, outside of Naples, Italy, to a seamstress-mother and an artist-father who made a living as a History teacher.

    ADP’s large Neapolitan family was loving and supportive, but always struggled to make ends meet until his mother’s career as a fashion designer took off when he was twelve.  His family’s newly acquired wealth allowed them to travel to many exotic destinations, giving ADP exposure to many new cultures and styles of art.

  • Method

    Today, ADP’s art varies from complex, multi-layered, hand cut stencils that require the precision and patience of a monk to create; to the re-workings of serious Classical paintings into whimsical political commentaries.

    What all his work shares, from his paintings to his mixed-media pieces, is a multicultural focus on using his art to critique the inescapable contradictions of the world in which we live.  In this he brings humor and insight to artistic narratives that seek to contribute to social change and a more moral universe.